Government and Technology

Written by Egbeolowo Olaitan 
Government and Technology is one of a Tweedledum and Tweedledee in Modern World of today..in the practice of Technology into the conception of Government; some systematic procedure of inquiry are adopted in order to arrive at the fact that make up the body of scientific knowledge when scientist are at work. 

The procedure that are adopted into Government and Technology are basically five... 
(1) Starting the Problem 
(2) Suggesting Solutions 
(3) Experimenting the ideas,testing the ideas 
(4) Gathering relevant data or counting result after election through machines (Card readers)
(5) Drawing Conclusion.

Science and Politics Therefore is Put Differently, Government and Technology as a system of Enquiry into the natural world and its applied form. A country is adjusted to be scientifically and technologically developed if it is able to produce man power that can efficiently and successfully apply the quality of life of their citizen. 

The world therefore pay particular attention to science politics, technology or government to improve their level of scientific and technological development that government and politics slight themselves at the tangle that has given rise to the classification of the nations of the world into first, second and third world. Nigeria like the most nations in Africa belong to the third world at the two extremes. 

We have the world classified into two the develop and underdevelop. The develop nations are virtually ruling the underdevelop ones because of their economic superiorities. This is where politics comes in politics has been define as the ruling of men in the context and the ruling of nations.

Underdevelop nations have largely ignored development of their traditional method and locally available of their traditional method and locally available resources (Indigenous Technology) for the development of their Society.

Egbeolowo Olaitan