Huge Refuse In Owerri: We Deliberately Left It To Punish Them – Imo Government

Imo State Government said that it deliberately abandoned the mountain of smelly refuse on popular Douglas Road, Owerri, to get back at indigenes who have been fighting the administration.

Governor Rochas Okorocha’s Chief Press Secretary, Samuel Onwuemeodo, allegedly said this during a public accountability phone-in programme anchored by Hot 99.5 FM in Owerri yesterday.

He said, "Government deliberately abandoned the refuse along Douglas Road, Owerri, to get back at Owerri people who have been battling the state government, over the relocation of the market."

The Governor’s CPS, who poured invectives on the leadership and indigenes of Owerri municipality, also said "Owerri people must be made to understand that they cannot eat their cake and have it."

He further explained that “there is a court order restraining government from tampering with the market and this also explains why we left the refuse.”

Most of the citizens who called into the programme, described the abandonment of the huge refuse as “a damnable plot to inflict hardship and disease on the people and not to respect a court order.”

A caller, who simply identified himself as Amanze, wondered why and how a government should deliberately hoist pain and disease on its people, in a democracy.

“From what the Governor’s Press Secretary has said, it is now very clear that the palpable hatred which Owerri people have been complaining about is real,” Amanze said.

While recalling that Owerri used to be the cleanest city in Nigeria, Amanze, however, said that “the Governor must hate Owerri so much to allow this level of devastation and dirt in the city.”


  1. Government should not neglect their job bcos of one person or a group. The action is bad.


  2. When Government is caught wanting, they lie their way out.

  3. The govt didn't dump d refuse there, people did. CNT people Just learn to take care of themselves? Whose children will diseases kill? Govt? They should leave it there and wait for govt o, silly, dirty, people

  4. Orísírísí..

  5. Bad belle people fill that side sha! No wonder why they are falling over themselves to come to Yoruba land. Ingrates!


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