I Bugged My Wife's Phone and Her Affair With A Secret Lover Was Exposed

A Customary Court in Agege, Lagos, has dissolved the 12yrs old marriage between a police officer, identified as Patrick Idoko and his estranged wife, Udoka, over infidelity with evidence.

40yrs old Idoko, from Benue State, who lives in Ijaiye-Ojokoro area of Lagos described his wife as troublesome and uncaring. He went to court to dissolve the marriage on grounds of infidelity, lack of love and care for him and their four children.

His marriage, he said, was crisis-free until two years ago when he suspected his wife, Udoka, was having extra-marital affairs.

He said: “l set a trap for her and she fell for it on Jan. 12, since then my wife refused to come home.

“Due to her shameful act, she left me and I have been taking care of the children.”

The man said he slotted a memory card on the phone he bought for her to record her conversations.

The playback of the phone memory card revealed the secret conversations between the adulterous wife and her secret lover.

But in her response, Udoka denied the allegations made against her and pleaded with the court not to dissolve the marriage, attributing her travails to rumour mongers in their neighbourhood.

The petitioner had earlier accepted to take the woman back on the condition that she subjected herself to some “spiritual cleansing”.

The estranged wife refused to follow the husband to the village for the "cleansing".

Dissolving the union, court president Philip Williams said: “The relationship between the couple has broken down completely and the respondent shows she is no more interested in the marriage.”

He asked both parties to go their separate ways without any disturbance.