If my wife tries what Aisha did to Buhari openly, she'll return to her parents – Senator Owie

That controversial interview by Aisha which got President Buhari angry is still generating reactions...

While reacting to Aisha Buhari's comments in the BBC interview, former Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Rowland Owie, said if his wife ever went public to criticize him the way Aisha did to Buhari in her interview, he would send her packing from his house.

In an interview with Vanguard, Senator Owie said although what Aisha said was right, it could have been said in the bedroom when she had private time with her husband.

“Aisha is right in criticism of President Buhari’s appointments, but the medium she adopted is very wrong. Such advice from a wife to a husband should be given at bed time and not to the hearing of anybody. If a wife does that to me, the woman will return to her parent’s house within 24 hours of that statement. A Benin Parable says 'Only one’s enemy that will advise one in the presence of The Oba in council',” he stressed.

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  1. when the woman can't endure anymore.the president is giving deaf ear to her

  2. That's why she isn't your wife and Buhari isn't your type that have sent your wife back to her parents house countless times.
    Those that are staying married know their onions because neither of the partners are angels that don't err....btw how do you know she hasn't spoken to him in their OTHER ROOM

  3. Senator Owie please be thanking God for the wife/wives that is/are still married to you cos honestly I can't with this your..... I reserve my comment

  4. This man has really taken the matter personal, as in send your wife back to her parents?.Fine Mrs firstlady didn't do well to criticize her husband in public like that but me i feel its a strategy to distract nigerians from more pressing issues or she did it for selfish motives.

  5. Aisha missed it but Buhari too didn't act well with that statement.


  6. shut up ya mouth.
    these type of people will melt at the sight of their wives.
    did you know how many times she must have told him in the bedroom and being what he is; remains adamant?
    i supported and voted PMB but the truth must be told; he has been hijacked.


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