I'll get married again if a man comes – Single Mum Adunni Ade

Nollywood Actress Adunni Ade who separated from her husband abroad and came back to Nigeria with their two sons (9 and 5) said she still longs for love and if a man comes she'll marry.
“I haven’t ruled out marriage. I am a big sucker for love. With the things I have experienced in the past, you may think I would give up on love but I am a big sucker for love.
"At this moment, I am just taking my time. I am just focusing on myself and my kids and my career. But I can never say never to love and marriage.
“I brought my kids back from the States. Who carried them? Was I not the one? I can’t leave my kids in the States. I might be mixed but when it comes to my kids, I think the Naija part of me. Their dad has no problem with it. They have been here with me for almost three years and they love it.”