Jonathan: As President I Was Spreading Wealth, Not Poverty

Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan has said that he was never elected as Nigeria’s president to spread poverty but to generate and spread wealth. He spoke at the Oxford Union, with the theme ‘Fostering Youth Entrepreneurship'.

He said that only being entrepreneurial can completely cure poverty and not having a job or working for someone.
“My belief in this regard is that getting a job or being a worker cannot completely cure the disease of poverty. It is only your own business that can provide such security and give you the financial freedom you need to prosper.”

Dr. Jonathan, whose speech was streamed live, rhetorically queried his audience asking why some nations are rich and others remain poor.

Jonathan asked: ”Why are some nations rich and some poor? Why do individuals that grow up in similar circumstances end up differently, with some as successes and others as failures?

“Is the wealth of nations a result of geography, weather, culture, destiny, etc.? What could a leader do to effectively lift a people out of the depths of poverty and enable them to achieve prosperity?”


  1. You created a poverty vaccuum which we now find ourselves as a nation.Those elite that you brought close to yourself to syphone our treasury play smart on you,hence the current situation we are in the country.You created povert in advance and you said you created wealth,now tell everybody, aside from those looters that form associations around you...give one example of a Nigerian that was in abject poverty before your reign as a president which you made to be a thousandnaire not to talk of being a millionnaire.....pchewwww a begiii ma i hear word bo.

  2. What an irony! the action & inaction of past administration with no exception to the immediate past government led Nigeria into this recession.

    Where this man come from self? Dem no dey shame for dat side?
    WIfe, no shame, Husband, no shame.

    1. @Barnabas I don't die for laugh here d man no sabi talk atall this his comment is the most Shameful comment I have ever heard in recent time

  4. You spread wealth by national looting. Which country has 50% of her citizens as entrepreneurs. All theories no practices. How can you even prove to be a good entrepreneur when you cannot manage the finance of a nation. Before becoming president what business did you own?.

  5. Gullible Jonathan. Somebody need to wire this man hot slap.

  6. Abeg make we hear something else. P


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