October 29, 2016

Lagos Babe offers Big Boy birthday sex, sends her private pix

The way some girls push their desperation these days is way out of line. But when you are an adult, it is good we just leave you to be 'enjoying' until you get to the end of your game and see how far.

Mike of Club Uno got a wild birthday gift from a lady who said she's offering him her body cos she's always wanted to sleep with him and his birthday is a good time even though he's getting married.

In fact, the lady said she's ready to just be his side runs. See chat:

Should a lady allow herself get this desperate? Sigh!


Harbolarkale Niyi said...

No societal values in ladies again

eniola lawal said...

Na wa oo

maryam sadisu said...

Ladies cheap pass tomatoes nowadays, I heard that he is also a gay.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from such ladies?

Hassan Aderemi said...

That's serious!