Man accuses strange malam of reducing his manhood in Lagos

So things like this still happen? On Monday afternoon at the popular jankara market close to Spencer House in Lagos, trouble broke out when a Northerner held another man (a malam), demanding that he must restore his manhood to its regular big size.

Explaining what happened, the man who's *pump action* was tampered with said,
the malam ask him about vehicle that would take him to Oshodi from Idumota and after he gave him directions he noticed something had left his body so he quickly checked below only to find out that his manhood had become smaller than what it used to be.

The matter was so serious that the Hausa man brought out his 'thing' for all to see, claiming it used to be bigger than that and said any willing lady should help him touch it to see if it will respond.

Such a funny scene. Many around were short of words. Probably they will end up in a police station.