Marriage Saga: Actress Mimi Orjiekwe & Husband Troubled?

Some say she's acting like a lady who prefers runs to marriage, I don't know how true. But from what she posted it appears all is not well with Mimi Orjiekwe and her husband. They've even deleted pics on Instagram, a big issue with couples who make their marriage a social media affair.

The husband, Charles Billion, is not saying anything. Below is some of what the wife shared:
Mimi wrote: "Not all structured skeleton with masculine features or p*nis can make a groom .. Most of them turn to brooms .. They wanna sweep there miserable life with ur legs and arms .. Be wise ladies !! Infact they dislike u when ur wise .. So u see.. U don't need those .. Jus a few good men can become D husbands .. quote me.."

When all was sweet, there was no insults and name calling.
Well, marriage is not what many are taking it to be today; if you want to enjoy marriage, you'll obey "the principles" despite all the romance and sex.