Marriage Saga: Actress Mimi Orjiekwe & Husband Troubled?

Some say she's acting like a lady who prefers runs to marriage, I don't know how true. But from what she posted it appears all is not well with Mimi Orjiekwe and her husband. They've even deleted pics on Instagram, a big issue with couples who make their marriage a social media affair.

The husband, Charles Billion, is not saying anything. Below is some of what the wife shared:
Mimi wrote: "Not all structured skeleton with masculine features or p*nis can make a groom .. Most of them turn to brooms .. They wanna sweep there miserable life with ur legs and arms .. Be wise ladies !! Infact they dislike u when ur wise .. So u see.. U don't need those .. Jus a few good men can become D husbands .. quote me.."

When all was sweet, there was no insults and name calling.
Well, marriage is not what many are taking it to be today; if you want to enjoy marriage, you'll obey "the principles" despite all the romance and sex.


  1. . Out if the actresses can't stay in their marriage for better for worse

  2. Deep sigh, marriage issues everywhere. No Value for it anymore, ladies and men now hop from one partner to another, ex wives here and there and half siblings without love. Those that got it right do not have two heads nau, even Christians damn consequences now

  3. Na them sabi always bringing their family affair to social media. Not interested. P

  4. Hmmm. End times. Making adulteresses n adulterers out of newly married wives n husbands. I pray.


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