Muslims Kick Against Christian/Christian Ticket In Ondo State

Politics is all about sentiments in Nigeria, no wonder there is little or no progress in many sectors. Is it religion that will now determine a person's capacity and performance in public office? Sigh! 

Members of Muslim community in Ondo state have kicked against any form of marginalistion from any of the political parties in the state.

The Muslim community has called on the major political parties in the state to ensure their deputy governorship candidates are Muslims.

The community further stated that Muslims would mobilise members to vote for a political party that embraces Christian/Muslim ticket.

Speaking with TVC in Akure, some religious leaders, say the equation must be balanced on the basis of religion to ensure equity.


  1. Hmmm politics and religion ooo

  2. Orísírísí..

  3. Nigerian Voters are sensitive to religion.Ondo Governorship candidates should borrow wisdom from President Buari who pick Yemi Osibanjo a Christian as his running mate instead of more preferred and stronger contender like Fashola and Tinubu that are Muslimu to take care of religion sentiment he wolud have pick eihere Fashola or Tinubu.
    Ondo governersihp candidate should pick Muslim running mate to balance religion sentiment.

  4. Lets start by changing the Muslim/muslin tickets in Sokoto, Kano, Borno etc, show your good example first.

  5. We are always divided religion and ethnicity unless when our leaders want to share money among themselves then they forget all sentiments.



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