My Wife Left My Home, Absconded with Our Kids Because of Money

This is a true life story happening right now; the husband (T.M.) shared it himself...
My wife absconded with our kids (2 boys). We’ve been married for 4years plus. I did everything a good husband would do to please his wife, but she is never satisfied.

Before we got married, I had a good job and she knew my worth, but after marriage things took a different turn as I lost my job. I was able to get another job after 2 months; with a slalary of 120k excluding other freelance jobs I do.

But because of her financial demands, I'm unable to save. 
We spend most of the money on food stuffs, I hate seeing her hungry. She called me one faithful night and told me that I promised her before we got married that I would set up a supermarket for her, (I can’t remembered making such promise), but I still encourage her to be patient with me, that things gonna be fine. 

She never supported me as she’s not working. I remember I gave her 450k to start a business; she was pregnant at the time but she rejected the money because of her 'condition'. I added some money to it and bought a car, I needed the car to hustle for contracts, I cant be jumping public transport, companies wont take me serious. 

A month later, I got a printing contract from a good company in Lagos. However, the condition is that I will use my money for the contract and deliver before they pay me. So I sold my car to execute the printing job, I bought a machine [but] unfortunately the machine packedup, I lost the gain and money for the car but I was able to delivered the job more than expectation. I lost huge amount of money. 

Ever since, my wife's complain started again, when I tried to encourage her that things will be fine she will ask me ‘When?’.

She treats my kids as if she wasn’t the one that brought them to this world, she sometime use negative words for the kids [talking to me indirectly]. I later realized she doesn’t really love me, it was just about the good job I had then.

4 months ago, she went to visit my younger sister in Osogbo, she saw the way my sister’s business was moving fine, she fell in love with Osogbo and sent a message to me thus; ‘Dear, guess I am in love with Oshogbo is peaceful and cool’. 

When she came back to Lagos, she said she wanted us to move to osogbo, after much persuasion and consideration I succumbed. We moved to Osogbo, I spent a lot of money relocating, but just 2 weeks later, she started complaining that Osogbo is boring. I was so mad. I had to risk my life travelling from Osogbo to Lagos almost every week. 

On the 16th of September (a day after I celebrated our last born's birthday) she left for Lagos for her sister’s wedding [with our kids], I gave her money for transport and other expenses. I called her a week later (she was still in Lagos) to remind her that our first son gonna resume school the following Monday. To my surprise, she just told me on phone that she’s no longer interested in the marriage, that I should move on

I called her mother about what their daughter told me, she said I should come to their house, but my family stopped me, since we never had a fight and I was not the one that sent her packing, that she should be the one to come.

This matter is disturbing me, I don't even know the condition of my kids. What is this?


  1. You ve 2 options 1. Pray for God to fix this. 2. Go to court dissolve the marriage and fight for custody of ur kids, then get a good job to take care of dem that way you can ve a peaceful life

  2. Check d family background, they don't stay in marriage

    1. Awon Oloshi ti comment.

  3. You did not not take time to look well and marry a good woman as wife

  4. If really & truly your wife behave in such manner, that is a good sign that you married a wrong wife, find a means to get your kids but it should be in a legal way & move on with your life as you said she advised.

  5. Locate your marriage registry and file for a divorce that is the action your FELLOW kind of men take. Simple!

  6. Locate your marriage registry and file for a divorce that is the action your FELLOW kind of men take. Simple!

  7. This is serious. Pls bro involve your family in this matter. Your wife was only in love with your money not real love. It's so bad to hear this....

  8. Wisdom is key here. You should always take a sec to think and plan before you act because whether good or bad, you will take the blame/glory as the head of d family. Clearly your wife doesn't fully understand what marriage is, I daresay she's immature. So if I were you, I'd create the lie she wants, lure her to come back on the pretext that things are beginning to look gd, create a false fb page and make it seem as if a babe is on your case.... Have fun while u execute your plans. Call and make sure u talk to d kids everyday. Don't even try to persuade her, make it seem as if you're cool with her decision, don't suck up to her. Not many men will go after a woman with 2kids, believe me. Just work on yourself, b in serious touch with d kids and let her have her space. Wait patiently for d drama that is abt to unfold.

  9. O boy, u enter one chance o

  10. Always involve ur family n dnt u ever think of visiting them or calling so far it's been established u r d owner of the kids. They v a plan n they will neva succeed. N.a. them go fail come begin dey beg. Talking from experience bro!

  11. The right thing to do ...move on

  12. just let her have are way keep in touch with your kids I pray it will not be too late b4 she realised her mistakes

  13. forget about her. she is doing this because she knows you love your kids. her same family whom I think are laying siege for you will soon be tired of her & the kids & you will the one to laugh last. you will go through pains because of the kids but just endure & bear. it won't be long they will come kneeling. this is from experience.

  14. U both in it 4 d wrong reasons, its glaring she married u cos of d cash n u ovalooked d essentials cos of luv..


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