National Assembly Takes Over CCT From Presidency

The Senate was divided over the amendment of Code of Conduct Tribunal as the National Assembly took over power to appoint staff of CCT/Code of Conduct Bureau from the Presidency.

The Senate took the decision few minutes after the Court of Appeal dismissed the request by Senate President Bukola Saraki, to stop his ongoing trial at the CCT.

During the consideration of the bill, senators were divided along party lines.

In the amendment, ‎the Bureau will first invite the person suspected of falsely declaring his asset for clarification before taking the person to the Tribunal.

Senate had previously stepped down the consideration of the bill due to public outcry that followed the move. But they quietly went ahead with the amendment.

The bill was first amended by‎ the House of Representatives and was sent to Senate for concurrence.

Section 4 (2) was also amended to substitute the word “President” with “the National Assembly” as the one to appoint members of staff of the Bureau and exercise disciplinary control over them.
‎Section 1 (4) was deleted and replaced with: “The Chairman and members shall serve for a term of five years subject to renewal for one further term only."

Many who reacted to the development, said the amendment is 'fishy'.


  1. 'Remi Abioye28 October, 2016 09:17

    These people are like Leopard which can never change its spot. That is why some describe them as Legislooters. Why should they take away power of appointment from the President? It is an evidence that they want to continue to loot the treasury through corruptive acts. They are not representing anyone but themselves. May God save Nigeria.

  2. Honestly the amendment is fishy.

  3. This is arrant nonsense.How can this be heard in international world? When Nigerian Legislators are in office,they bring up all kinds of measures to support their indecency,and part of this gave birth to immunity that enhanced our public office holders recklessness.

  4. Can this law stay without president assent to it

  5. Greedy politicians


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