No Man Should Invite A Woman To A Party Without Asking If Her Husband Permits

If a lady is not ready to be under a man's authority, then she should not bother to get married. But if you get excited about getting married then you should know that marriage is not on your terms.

Anyway, rapper Ice Prince and Toolz had this discussion and it's got people talking. Ice Prince said he wanted to invite Toolz for his birthday party but that he would need to call her husband to notify him, and not just invite another man's wife to a party like a single girl.

Funny enough, the wife Toolz think it's not necessary to tell her husband.

She asked why he would have to notify her husband before inviting her to a party. Ice Prince had to tell her what I believe a decent man should say. He said no man should invite a married woman to a party without making sure her husband is aware and ok with it.

Sadly, this is becoming a debate now in Lagos; married ladies want to go wherever they feel like and at whatever time without their husband knowing about it or having a say.