Police Assault and Humiliate Naija Comedian Shakara In Front Of His Family

Comedian Shakara was beaten, assaulted and arrested from his house in Warri in the presence of his wife and other family members by policemen.

The guy suffered more humiliation as he was transported to Lagos in his boxer shorts. For a crime he did not commit. Rather, he went through the embarrassment just because he shared a similar phone number with a wanted criminal.

Veteran comedian Alibaba shared the story online;
"The committee is sitting now at the National Assembly in the case of Shakara, an Mc and comedian who was assaulted, beaten and arrested from his house in Warri in the presence of his wife, his co tenants, his father and his friends, for an alleged crime, and brought all the way to Lagos by Road like a common thief, in his boxers. 
Only for the police to realize it was a case of mistaken identity. The phone number of the person they were looking for had a digit different from his. The police had contacted the Network provider with the phone number, the network then gave them his address, to enable them track the suspect. Isn’t that the problem with our agencies? Lack of proper and thorough investigation. Now na beg them dey beg... one small thing them for don shoot the innocent boy leg... 
Meanwhile the story in Warri is that he was arrested for armed robbery and kidnapping. Who wan call am for work again?”