Presidency Reacts To Buhari's "my wife belongs to my kitchen & my room" statement

President Buhari's reply to his wife Aisha from far away Germany has been attracting some reactions on the social media, with many against it. Consequently, Mr President's spokesman, Garba Shehu has come out to douse the tension, saying it was all a joke. His words:

He said people shouldn't take the statement serious, that President Buhari was throwing a banter.


  1. Will Aisha take the banter like joke? I smell trouble in the Villa.


  2. After 20years! you bet she knows about his banters and everything in between.

  3. How will u ever have a dull moment around him when u are swimming in money. People are suffering, u are there talking rubbish. Must he wash his dirty linen in public. Must he even talk all d time?

  4. Such jokes should have been reserved for their bedroom (s) and not in the public. It's well.


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