Reasons why Nigerians prefer Android Phones over iPhone

Before beginning this post I want to tell you that this article does not suggest that iPhone has less functions than Android, or Apple phones are not good, I am writing this to talk about how Android is better than IOS or the contrast in between the both OS.

More Nigerians are addicted to smartphones these days. Everyone wants to purchase a mobile phone with more functions in less cost and what's much better than Android phones. One thing I like about Android is that you will get a mobile phone at the most affordable price.

As you know that Google is frequently launching their latest OS KitKat, lollipop, Marshmallow, etc

Lets check the 6 difference between both:

1. Cost
This is the main reason why Nigerians are moving with Android. If you notice the cost of Android phone starts from less N15,000, when compared to the iPhone that you need at least N100,000 above and, interestingly you will get fewer features compared with android mobile.

2. Removable gadgets
The android mobiles have enough internal memory as much as 16 GB even you can add external sd cards if you need additional space. In case of iPhone, you will get only an inbuilt memory approximately 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB you cannot increase the memory due to the fact that there is no external memory card slot readily available in Apple gadgets.

As lots of people want to watch movies, videos on their smartphone they need enough space, for such people iPhone is not for them. Clearly, Nigerians will find another phone which will meet their requirement.

3. Bluetooth
If you want to transfer information from one mobile to another you can use Bluetooth technology. In past, some Nigerians used to buy phones on the basis of accessibility of Bluetooth functionality.
In iPhone, you can move data from one mobile to another but within iPhone devices, it implies that there is limitation of transferring information within iPhone.

4. Easy to use, weight, screen size
The interface of Android is clearer that anybody can comprehend, no need for extra manual once you get mobile you will get to understand it.In the case of iPhone, there are a lot of complex features like Apple ID, app store, Siri, and so on. which ordinary people do not know about. The other factor is weight.

Most Android weigh less than iPhone. Some people do not like carrying more weight in their pocket.

The iPhone screen size is fixed and I would state that it is small as compared with android mobile. People will like to watch movies on big screen devices which iPhone will not offer. Maybe we need to give iPhone 6+ thumbs up for 5.5 inches.

5. Phone availability
There are thousands of android phones readily available in the market with different screen sizes, different brand names, replaceable battery etc. However if you take a look at iPhone, there are few phones available in the market with the expensive price compared to Android. If you want to buy an iPhone, then you have just a few choices.

6. App store vs Play-store
In google store you will get countless of apps at free of charge however in iPhone app store there is a minimal application like that, the rest you have to pay cash. In Android, you can take a backup of that application, and you can move it to another gadget all such features means a lot to people.

by GSM Basics