Rich Footballer & Friend Accused of "R*ping" A Young Lady

Footballer Ched Evans has told a court he did not speak to his alleged r*pe victim before having s*x with her, adding: "It wasn't really a time for conversation."

But the former Wales and Manchester City player insisted he would 'never hurt a girl' and he denied r*ping the young lady who's a waitress in a hotel room.

27yrs old Evans is accused of r*ping her after joining a friend who had taken her back to a Premier Inn hotel in Rhuddlan, North Wales.

He took a key to the room before joining in s*x with the 19yrs old girl, who says she was too drunk to remember anything.

Asked by prosecutor Simon Medland QC: 'You didn't speak to her at all during the conversation of this episode did you?'

Evans replied: 'It wasn't really a time for conversation. It was a moment we all got caught up in.'

Mr Medland said: 'Did you think to ask her whether she minded you to have s*x with her?'

Evans replied: 'She asked me to perform oral s*x on her. I would never hurt a girl, I wouldn't do anything to harm a girl and I wouldn't perform oral s*x on a girl who didn't ask me to.'

Mr Medland asked: 'Did you think at any stage for you to ask the woman if she minded having unprotected s*x with you?'

Evans replied: 'It wasn't the right time. I wouldn't have s*x with somebody without their consent. She consented to me when she asked me to perform oral s*x on her.'

Prosecutor Simon Meland asked him: 'You felt that football was a magnet for girls, didn't you?'

Medland read Evans' police statement back to him where he told officers how women 'like footballers because they're rich'.

But Evans told the jury: 'Reading back of that statement it is cringe-worthy. When I said that I wasn't expecting it to be read out in court. I don't think footballers are entitled to anything. I don't think what you're saying is correct.'

Mr Medland continued: 'I suggest that you, disinhibited through drink, that you felt entitled to behave like that to that 19-year-old waitress?'

Evans said: 'I wouldn't treat a girl like that.'

Mr Medland claimed Evans 'didn't care' whether the young lady wanted s*x. Prosecutors say she was too drunk to give consent for s*x.

Evans, now playing for Chesterfield, denies r*pe. The trial continues.