Rich Nigerian dropout, Alexander Amosu, bags Honorary PhD in Enterpreurship

Only a fool look down on people or dismiss one based on where he/she is now. Some are up and will remain up for a long time or the rest of their lives, some will fall in a matter of months or years, and rise again if they dare to be diligent. Diligence is not easy, that's why many can't stand it.

There are some who were down few years ago, today they are up, there are some who are down today but will rise in a matter of months or years. That is the journey of life, you never know.

Nigerian luxury designer, Alexander Amosu, who left university half way to pursue his business, has bagged a PhD in entrepreneurship. Focus is VERY important in life. His words:
"I left university half way through my final year to focus on my business. No degree. Funny how life is, when they call you back to award you Doctorate in Entrepreneurship. Dr Alexander Amosu. Education is key, but life skills are also important."

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