Robbers bomb Union Bank in Delta with dynamite, steal N25m

Dare-devil robbers attacked a bran of Union Bank in Ughelli, Delta State, over the weekend, carting away N25million after blowing up the bank’s vault with dynamite.

It was said that the hoodlums, dressed in army camouflage, used dynamite and welding tools to break into the ATM inside the bank and the bank’s vault, where a bulk of the cash was kept.

An auditor of the bank, who was sent from the Benin regional office for the regular auditing of the bank’s branch, estimated that about N25 million was stolen from the bank.

Confirming the incident, a staff of the bank, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Vanguard that the bank’s manager and some senior staff were arrested and taken to Asaba for questioning in connection with the incident.

Giving details of the incident, the staff said: “The security guards were tied up while the operation lasted. Though they spared the ATM outside the bank premises, they used dynamite to blow up the ATM inside the bank and drilled their way through into the bank’s vault.”


  1. What a sad news for the victims. I hope the robbers are caught and the money recovered.

  2. That's serious!

  3. When there is no money guys do anything to survive. P



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