Runs Girl fights, seizes man's car for refusing to pay after s*x

In the absence of shame, anything can happen. A runs girl seized a man's car after he refused to pay for the "bed services" she rendered to him. The man, Daphine, reportedly had to surrender his car and other valuables over the weekend so that he could figure a way out of his dilemma.

The altercation ensued after Daphine could not pay what was agreed upon with the runs girl.

He requested for more "action" at a hotel in Zimbabwe at the cost of US$40. However, he failed to pay for the services which included unprotected s*x, forcing the lady to confront and fight him.

After getting his clothes back, Daphine tried in vain to withdraw cash through an ATM machine at the bank and had to later hire a taxi to go to look for cash before he could retrieve his car. Sigh!