Saudi Arabia Princess flee Paris after giving "A Death Order"

The daughter of King Salman of Saudi Arabia has fled Paris after allegedly instructing one of her bodyguards to murder a painter and decorator who didn't perform well, it was alleged.

42yrs old Princess Hassa has pleaded diplomatic immunity against prosecution after telling the armed aide: ‘You have to kill this dog, he doesn't deserve to live.’

But the bodyguard, who has not been named, was arrested in the French capital last week and, following two nights in custody, appeared before an instructing judge on Saturday.

He was put under formal criminal investigation for a range of charges including violence with a firearm, kidnapping, and assisted kidnapping.

The bodyguard is likely to face a criminal trial, which could see him imprisoned if found guilty on what amount to extremely serious allegations.

He is said to have attacked the unnamed 53-year-old workman inside a palatial flat on September 26th, after Princess Hassa told the Frenchman to kiss her feet, and then issued the threat.

But Elie Hatem, the bodyguard’s barrister, disputes this version of events, saying: 'There were more than twenty people in the apartments'.


  1. Can you imagine that, this extremists are heartless, calling a man old enough to be her father a dog, God help us.

  2. Enter your comment...She don't desarve to live.

  3. Wen power intoxicates, danger looms..

  4. She be coward,why run away? Sons and daughters of perdition.


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