SEE what to do if this government want to make things better

Someone shared this online and a lot of people kind of agree with his position...
A senator earns N36million per month. If this is divided into two d senator collects N18million and the remaining N18million can be used to employ 200 Nigerians that will earn N90,000 per month. 200 people multiply by 109 senators = 21,800 employees.

- 200 Nigerians can leave comfortably on half of monthly income of just one Senator. 

A member of House of Reps earns N25m per month. If dis is divided into two, a mean earns N12.5m per month. The remaining N12.5million can be used to employ 135 Nigerians who will earn N92,500 per month. 135 Nigerians multiply by 360 Honourables = 48,600 employees.

- 135 Nigerians can live comfortably on half of a monthly income of just one Honourable. 

Those who say they want to change Nigeria, that the way things were before was bad should start it from here. This administration can employ 70,400 Nigerians that will earn N90,000 nd N92,500 respectively from the reduction of monthly income of Senators and Honourables alone.



  1. Hope this message will get to the right quarters and that those concerned will be touched to act speedily to implement it. God save Nigeria.

  2. that is a good idea,but did you think this our senators will agree.

  3. Ds selfish leaders dt knows nothing but demselves, dem moni neva reach dem spend self dem dey thief join na dem 1 cum agree 2 ds! Issokay..

  4. Our senators or Honourables wouldn't buy such idea, all they care is themselves. Same formula should be applicable to all ministers, Governors & all political appointees if truly they care about masess to alleviate the hardship in the nation.

  5. Enter your comment...Hmmm, who will deliver us out of the hands of greedy people. Oluwa sanu

  6. Lol....
    No be today, it has teeyy! Lol.
    They wil neva agree!


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