Senator Blasts His Colleagues For Trying To Control Code of Conduct Tribunal

A Nigerian senator has condemned his colleagues for appropriating to themselves the control over the Code of Conduct Bureau, CCB, and the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT.

The Bureau is mandated by law to keep and verify the asset declaration form of all public officials. It then arraigns any public official with questionable asset or asset forms before the CCT.

One of such being prosecuted is Senate President Bukola Saraki who is accused of falsely declaring his asset, running into Billions.

The Senate on Thursday approved a bill, already passed in the House of Representatives, to transfer control over both the CCB and the CCT from the presidency to the National Assembly.

On Sunday, Abdullahi Abubakar, representing Jigawa North West in the Senate, said the decision by his colleagues was self serving.

Mr. Abubakar made the assertion in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Birninkudu.

The senator, who said he was away on oversight duties when the amendment was made, stressed that he was completely opposed to the decision.

Suggesting that the senate's amendment is to create a cover for Saraki, the senator said: “Laws are meant to outlive individuals not meant for individuals.”


  1. The bunch of Senators amendments and amending to cover their evil disposition should remember that,their tenures will soon expire and they shall be back home.In question of months,all of you shall be accountable for your actions and achievements.

  2. There is calamity in the Nigerian system, when Saraki was arrested he did all within his power to turn the tide instead of going to court to actually defend himself but now used his position as Senate President of change the law. So what next about the judiciary, the judges would do same, interpretation the law to free their colleagues.What is Nigerian turning into? Where is the position of common man? Thanks God that within all the Judasis in the red chamber there is a MESIAH in the person of Senator Abdullahi Abubakir, Allah bless you.

  3. From day 1, laws have been made to suit the law makers only and that has the foundation of our problems.

  4. PMB won't sign it because it's self centered.


  5. Hope they wouldn't turn Nigeria to banana republic.

  6. Part of reason anything call senate should delete from our government


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