SHOCKER: Rich Man Infects Nigeria Ladies with HIV in Lagos

Those ladies who are doing runs to live beyond their means, be careful who you do your runs with as it appears there is a man or men who deliberately sleep with desperate ladies to infect them.

The Lagos State Police Command on Thursday said it has arrested a foreign national, whose stock in trade was to deliberately sleep with and infect ladies with HIV.

The man, whose identity is still been kept a secret by the police, was said to have known about his health status, yet deliberately set to infect as many girls as he could with the dreaded HIV virus.

The ladies who were "servicing" him were said to be unaware of his health status until recently.

Confirming the incident, the state Police Public Relations Officer, Dolapo Badmos, a Superintendent of Police, said the man would be charged to court this Friday.

Her words: "A foreign national deliberately infected some girls with HIV. He’s under detention."

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  1. Why in Gods name will any lady make love to a stranger without condom?

    1. Their thinking faculty doesn't function when they hear dollars

  2. Imagine!!! And his identity is being shielded? If it was a Nigerian man that stole just plantain his face will be everywhere on SM. Hmmm Ladies be careful oh Life has no duplicate even men too that sleep around without protection you don't know who your girlfriend is also sleeping with.

  3. Wetin them they fine? P


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