So Sad! How M-P Infrastructure Ltd. driver nearly killed a man, company abandoned the victim

A reader of OluFamous.Com sent this to me and I must say this is very unfortunate, worrisome...
I dont know the victim, but I put a call through to the company's rep at the accident scene and he confirmed the originality of this case. Let put this out till it gets to the right authority to get justice for this poor victim.

A Facebook user, Prince Adeyemi Adedigba shared his experience on a case of inhumane, callous and negligence and it's so pathetic.
"Just this morning, on my way out, I decided to check on a brother who had accident few months ago. His situation left me emotionally, psychologically and morally crippled. I shed tears. I tried my best to hide my feelings, I couldn't help but wept bitterly.
April 2nd, Mr. Kazeem set out on a journey to check his sick wife on her sick bed. On his way, his car developed a minor fault. Firstly, it was his tire and he fixed it. Few minutes later, it was electrical fault that he couldn't fix. With him in his Toyota Camry (Envelope) car was his friend and the friend's wife whom had planned to visit Mr. Kazeem's sick wife together. 
This time around, he decided to move his car into an obsolete filling station since he couldn't fix it but called on a mechanical engineer to fix for him. He stood in front of his car with the engineer and the car bonnet was opened. It was along Ife road, Ibadan. On the high way was a company Hilux dragging the road with a truck and since the Hilux driver (Victor) couldn't overtake the truck, no way back and can't face the vehicle coming in front, the driver over sped into the uncompleted filling station and hit Mr. Kazeem's car from behind while he and the engineer was fixing it. God of Mercy!!! It was a terrible accident. The opened bonnet cut opened the skin of the engineer forehead and Mr. Kazeem was hit into a very big gutter. 
Due to the shock of the accident, the engineer ran away like a lunatic and people around ran after him, pinned him down. Mr. Kazeem was still inside the the big gutter and by the time he was brought out, he fainted for fifteen (15) good minutes. After he came back to life, he was vomiting tick blood with his teeth. 
They were rushed to the nearest hospital. The company driver called his boss (mr. Alexander) who rushed to the hospital. The police officers around visited the scene of the accident but before them were the FRSC men. FRSC moved the cars to their office. The police station is very close to the hospital the victims were taken to. 
The boss to the driver came and paid for their immediate treatment but requested that they should be transfer to their company hospital at Ibadan. Mr. KAZEEM insisted Lagos since his family won't know the extent of the accident and may decide to rush down Ibadan. They all agreed and mr. Alexander said they should go ahead, first, he wants to inform his company and their Insurance company at the same time. He exchanged contact with Mr. Kazeem's friend. 
The next day, no calls. When Mr. Kazeem put a call through to him, he said his company is now aware of the accident and already, their Insurance company is taking all measures to make Mr. KAZEEM be in good condition, also that they will fix his car. At Lagos hospital, the first two days bill was thirty five thousand naira. Mr Alexander requested for it, it was sent to him and he said he sent it to the company through mail. Five days later, he called that he wants to go and pick the accident cars because of the charges the cars were accruing at FRSC office. 
Few days later, he called that his company and their insurance company will call, visit and pay all medical bills. 
Till date, no call or visit from any. Mr. KAZEEM continued his treatment with his own personal morning. From one hospital to another, one scan or X-ray to the other. Mr. Kazeem is a bricklayer who works almost everyday to take care of his family. That, he couldn't do again. He couldn't go to site, neither can he collect jobs to do. He can't take care of his family again or his sick wife and unfortunately, the saddest day of his life was June 19th, he lost his sick WIFE to DEATH. He was battling that pains of the lost and at the same time his health. 
Twice, he sent his friend to the company head office at Lekki but was refused audience. He called mr. Alexander more than twenty times but fake promises and different excuses. That his company is aware of the accident and that they will reach him. That his car will soon be fixed and sent to him. In fact, there was a day he said their Insurance company will visit mr. KAZEEM but nothing of such happened. That Their Insurance company had paid for the car to be fixed but a blatant lie. 
A month ago, I visited mr. KAZEEM and discovered he sold his sitting room chairs and electronics, I asked why and he said he needed the money to put himself back to shape. Yet, a bricklayer that can't carry Cement or one pack of tile neither block since the accident happened. I saw two of his kids at home and asked why, he said school fees. I took it upon myself and sent mail with the accident scene pictures to the company but no reply. Before then, mr. Kazeem discussed with a Lawyer who sent two letters to the company but no reply or acknowledgement. 
I discussed the issue with an advocacy group, Project Change Nigeria (PCN) and I was advised to take Mr. KAZEEM to their office to see what is going on. We took cab there last last three weeks. When we got to the reception and requested to see the HR from the receptionist. She said everybody in HR department are busy. I said I must discuss with somebody there, any superior or the MD, she said they are busy. I told her its a must, then she called a man (Mr. Bidemi) for me. 
I discussed with him and he said they are aware of the accident, that they discovered it was a reckless driving from their driver and they sacked him but their staff, Mr. Alexander didn't tell them that there is a victim. LIES! A Lawyer sent them letters, about Mr. Kazeem's health, I sent them mail, PCN also sent them mails, even Mr. Kazeem's friend delivered a letter to them but no response. I called Mr. Alexander the next day if its true he didn't tell his company, he said he did, that he told the HR and even forwarded the first medical bill to them and that he still have the mail in his inbox. 
This company's callousness and atrocious attitude towards mr. KAZEEM whom they have desolated to absolute discomfort and unimaginable excruciation is completely bad. Mr. Kazeem has spent over 600k on his medical bills with over two polythene bags of drugs in his house. Today, I met him crying like a baby whose mother left for three days without food or water. I asked why, he said he couldn't sleep all through the night because of pains. Last week, we went to the hospital because of his teeth and were told he will need 110k to take care of six teeth, today, I saw him with swollen mouth. The pains over the night was much that he couldn't close his eyes a minute but wept all through the night. 
Two weeks ago, when I took him to the company, it was one excuse to the other. That they were always busy, they don't have time, their Insurance company was not informed of the Victims but car alone, that they only gave them check for the car but not cleared yet, that they will call, that they will discuss but till today nothing. I have called them more than 5 times but different excuses. I which this gets to the MD of the company but if no response in few days. 
I will release all evidences to the world to see, starting from pictures, munched chats with their staffs, audio discussion with their staffs who has been contradicting themselves, names of their Insurance company who took 6 months to investigate accident and many more. 
I want to believe this company has reputation and will come to the Victims aid immediately. Mr. Kazeem couldn't afford to pay lawyers now to fight for him but social media platforms will help a bit to drag you people out. Over the 6 months, mr. Kazeem's car is still in this company possession, that is illegal possession and all they said was they will fix it. He couldn't bend down to pray as a Muslim very well neither can he trek for a long period but will complain of pains in his legs. Why does it have to be like this from such a company who claimed they have good reputation? That's Civil/Criminal charge against the company. That's negligence on their part. 
I want to tell you to prepare your legal department very well because meaningful Nigerians will stand to fight for Mr. KAZEEM if you people refused to do anything.

Name and full Contact of the said company
M-P Infrastructure Limited
Plot 25 Block 68 Bisola Durosinmi Etti Drive Lekki
Phase 1, Lagos Nigeria Phone: +234 -807 9993843
Fax: +234-1-8126653 Email: