State of The Nation Under The Aegis of Change Mantra

Written by Egbeolowo Olaitan
I cast my vote for all the Change Actors at the Helm of Affairs against their Political Megalomaniacs and Broken Promises.

I have said for the the Umpteenth time that the primary purpose of Government is to ensure the welfarism and Securus of the people as entrenched in the 1999 constitution Sec(14) paragraph 2b.

And rather for federal government to addressed this issue, what we get from MR president is "Shifting of Blames on the past administration" and perhaps if we are to take it hierarchicalIy Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and Musa Yaradua ought to have blame their predecessors like ABACHA, Shehu Shagari and the rest because I don't know why president Buhari keep preaching the Gospel of Past administration by Shifting Blames on them instead of doing the need be to remediate some loopholes to some extent, Rather than Blaming his Predecessors... 

I am not a Soothsayer nor a Wizard but am a Compos Mentis Homosapien who at any point in time seek for fact and truth. I must bring myself to admit that the APC led administration has no blueprint on Socio economic Lemmatas and perhaps Visionless and Meaningless in the long run. 

The hope of the Average man on the Street is in a state of oblivion, job creation is in a state of Cubicle where it is only for "Survival Of The Fittest" The Mainstay of our Economy has lost its value. This is Opprobrious, Deleterious, Balderdash and Ballyhoo. I am neither flabbergasted nor Gobsmacked because that is what you get in a society where Nepotism, Favouritism, Ethnicity, Corruption, Zoning are the Hallmark of their Modus-Operandi and Modus-Vivendi. What is Zoning after all? To me, Zoning is a Contrivance by the Elitist Political Class in order to continue the pillage and plundering, to continue to Masturbate there self in the corridors of power for their own Egocentric benefit. 

I am less perturbed whether a man from Sokoto becomes the president or a man from delta becomes the president. After all, it is Government of the people, by the people and for the people. The Northerners Have Ruled this country for over 30yrs. What have they used their Rulership on? 

Have they used their 30yrs of Rulership to Transform the "Aminukano talakawas"? When Obasanjo was the President of the Federal republic of Nigeria, to what extent did that Enhance the Welfare of the Hoi-Polloi in the "Oduduwa Republic". 

It is a Pity that we are still apotheosizing the Genealogy of a presidential aspirant; not his merit, not what I can do, not his political Capability and ability. It shows that there is something wrong with Nigerian Federalism, and I think it is High time we renegotiated the Federal Hallmark of Nigerian State...

Egbeolowo Olaitan

NOTE: This piece was published just the way it came in (unedited).