Top 4 Campus Crimes

by Hammed Da Pacesetter Omoluabi

1. Cultism:
There’s no need to explain much about its execution or its consequences. Cultism has left horrible scars across the land. Both student and society now realized the enormity of the criminality of this and make scattered effort to fight it. In many campuses, new and old students join cult groups. 

Those who are involved in cultism usually claim they are using it to protect themselves. In states like Rivers, it’s gradually becoming exclusively a street affair, with devastating consequences.

2. R*pe and S*xual Harassment:
This act is rampant mostly between lecturers and female student, but it also happen among students. More and more male are becoming victims of this act. Some intentional engage in this act and when they are caught they blame the devil.

3. Copyright & Plagiarism:
Many who commit this act don't know are ignorant of it. Copying and reproducing someone’s work without permission and/or credit is a punishable crime. Photocopying contents from text-book and other materials and selling to students as handout is also illegal.

4. Examination Malpractice:
It’s one of the biggest crime students commit. Mostly, it's lazy ones who can’t spend time to study and master their course that end up relying on malpractice to pass their exams. The consequences for this crime are enormous; a student is either rusticated if caught or he graduates without sound knowledge of the course he/she spent years to study in the university. It is bad.

- Hammed Da Pacesetter Omoluabi
#iampacesetter on Instagram
Publisher @ One Nigeria Blog