TRAGIC | Two Nigerians Killed In South Africa

The Nigeria Union in Pretoria has confirmed that two Nigerians residing in South Africa have been killed this month. Secretary of the union, Adetola Olubajo, told newsmen in Pretoria on Tuesday that the first victim, one Adeniyi Olumoko, a petty trader, was stabbed to death on October7. 

He said that 37yrs old Olumoko, an indigene of Ogun State, was killed at Marabastard in Pretoria by a South African, who forcefully took the Nigerian man's goods without paying.

He cited witnesses as saying that Olumoko was left bleeding for up to five hours because para-medics could not show up to attend to him. The secretary, Adetola Olubajo, said that the killing had been reported to the Central Police Station in Pretoria and Nigerian Mission in South Africa. 

Adetola said that another Nigerian, Christian Onwukaike, was shot dead by assailants at Empangeni in the North Coast area of Kwazulu Natal on October16. 

He said that reports from the union`s chapter in the province, indicated that the assailants shot the victim from a moving car. Adetola explained that Onwukaike, a native of Awgbu in Orumba area of Anambra, drove himself to the hospital after the shooting and eventually collapsed and died. 

“Nigeria Union is calling on the Nigerian Mission to demand results of investigations of all murder cases involving Nigerian victims from the South African authority, he pleaded.

Adetola said that the union was not happy that all murder cases involving Nigerians in South Africa were never resolved. “We recommend that the consulate officials visit the area immediately in company of some members of the national and provincial executives of the Nigeria Union to speak with the police and the Nigerian community,” he said. 

The report of the incidents had been received at the consulate.


  1. Enter your comment...I no know wten carry una go dere

  2. Really u can say that again my brorher..my name is adebayo tijani my number is +27610473104..am a resident in south africa my self....have been here for more than five years now .really d way of life here is not really nice people are been killed here on a daily bases ..and most of d killings here are been carried out by Zimbabwe they lazy to work and all dey do is killing to survive. ....anyway good will always help us an see us true no where is easy to stay......

  3. Something must be done to stop the killing by South Africa government & Nigeria government should wade in to protect her citizens.

  4. Please anyone who is not doing well return home

  5. Most of our bothers are not working here. All dey do is sell drugs or do Internet frauds very few of us are working legally here. No jobs in south africa heven d south african citizens are not working.......every one is doing what they can to survive. God bless nigeria


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