Update On Man Who Was Nearly Killed By M-P Limited Driver

Few days after I shared the sad story of this man, someone sent me a mail that could help the case...

Dear Olu Famous,
Good afternoon to you. We refer to the above post on your platform and join others in commending you for seeking justice for our fellow Nigerians.

Though, we have made comments on your blog, we still feel that another mail should be sent through you to the person that made available the post.

Having gone through the circumstances of this rather unfortunate incident, there is no doubt that the Mr Kazeem and the other injured persons should simply get a copy of the insurance certificate M-P Infrastructure vehicle from the FRSC/Police and approach the insurer concerned directly. It is the responsibility of the insurer to have immediately taken over the issue of hospitalisation concerning Mr Kazeem and other injured persons.

He and others are entitled to compensation for medical and transportation expenses including overseas treatment if necessary, deformity of part of body and rehabilitation plus repair or replacement of his vehicle.

As a firm engaged in insurance advisory and awareness, we would like to point out that among the reasons for compelling Third Party Insurance in many parts of the world is in order to protect the ordinary citizens against the ''wealthy class'' just like this case of Mr Kazeem and others being reported in the newspaper e.g. ''twelve killed by truck in Ibadan''; ''Dangote trucks kills six'' ''motor accident made young man wheel chair bound''.

Mr Kazeem should be encouraged to take our suggestion while still considering the legal option.

Thank you

Godwin Akanni