Update on Released Chibok Girls... Most of them are pregnant, presidency reacts

According to report, as much as 18 of the 21 Chibok schoolgirls released by Boko Haram terrorists are pregnant. A source told SR that some detained Boko Haram prisoners were freed by government in exchange for the girls, but federal government sources are denying the swap.

Government says the released 21 Chibok schoolgirls were not swapped with Boko Haram prisoners. 

Minister of Information and culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, at a news conference in Abuja on Thursday, said it was not a swap but due to negotiations, with international support.


  1. Boko Haram una wicked those girls

  2. Enter your comment...Baba God Serve Nigeria

  3. The released chibok girls by BH adds up to the achievement of PMB administration. But of what importance are these girls to their parents and the society at large after bn raped by the BH? The psychological effect of been away for so long in the den of BH and now released to d society means a lot. Can they be allowed to undergo correctional means to correct whatever their experience is? They were about written their WAEC/SSCE when the sad event occured, what will happen to their education now?many questions are begging for answers.The whole scenario is lace with mid feelings.


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