October 11, 2016

Why A Girl This Young Is Giving Out To A Man In Marriage?

With the way girls who got married as early teenagers are suffering, this should just stop. A Nigerian singer Duncan Mighty shared this photos via his page and wrote:
"Please my people, lend your voices to End child marriages. Many child brides develop fistula as a result of early pregnancy that subsequently will either kill them or render them disabled for life. 
This little child needs a PENCIL and not a joystick... #IstandagainstChildMarriage"


Anonymous said...

Anything below 16 or 18 is child abuse

inumidun said...

Arrant nonsense..

Barnabas said...

Shameless, infectious he-goat.
Monster in the girl's life.

Hassan Aderemi said...

Where was this? This cannot be in Nigeria

sadToHear said...

This is wickedness of the highest order
It must stop

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