Woman Arrested With Cocaine Hidden In Her Boobs

A 30-year-old Nigerian woman, Ms Ijeoma, who hails from Enugu state has been arrested at Murtala Muhammad International Airport, Lagos airport for drugs smuggling. The suspect currently lives in Brazil and has a national diploma in mass communication.

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) arrested Nnaji Juliet Ijeoma at the in Lagos on Friday, October 21.

Ijeoma was detained after white powdery substance tested positive for cocaine was found hidden inside her bra during the screening of South African Airways.

Ms Ijeoma, who tried to smuggle the drugs from Brazil, confessed that her sponsors promised her N1 million for successful delivery to Nigeria.

Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, the NDLEA spokesman, said there was 535 grams of cocaine in the lady's bra.


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