Young Lady Dating A Married Man Caught Blackmailing Him With Nude Video

I don't get this desperation today. If someone can work for money, you too can work for money. Why will you just be hunting for men that you will be collecting money from with s*x? Sigh!

The young lady pictured above is 23yrs old Jessica who is based in FTC, Abuja. She was arrested for blackmailing a married man she's dating. She didn't see anything wrong in agreeing to date a man who's married but later decided to extort money from him with a n*de video.
She threatened the man that she would send the video to his wife unless he paid her N185,000. To avoid trouble, the man gave her the money. 
But out of greed, she came back again to make another demand of N50,000. Sensing that she plan to use the video to be collecting money from him nonstop, the man got the police involved and Jessica was arrested.