"70yrs Old Woman Sold My Niece For N500,000 In Delta"

A resident of Ndemili in Ndokwa West area of Delta State, Festus Nwaomucha, has narrated how a kidnapping gang, which included a 70-year-old woman, sold his five-year-old niece for N500,000.

According to Nwaomucha, a number of children had been going missing in the community over time but on September 24, his niece, Glory Oyibo, was snatched right from the family compound in Ndemili, throwing the family into a panic over what might have happened to the little girl.

He said for over two weeks, the family made several efforts to locate the child. They got a break on November 13, when news filtered in that two kidnappers had been caught in Issele-Uku, a suburb of Asaba, with two children in their vehicles.

When the suspects – Emmanuel Udagwu, a resident of Agbor Alidinma and Celestina Enebeli from Ulogwe Isumpe – were arrested by the police, they confessed to have been involved in some previous kidnapping of children from Ndemili and surrounding communities.

Nwaomucha told Punch that the communities the suspects come from share boundaries with Ndemili. They confessed kidnapping about nine children so far in the entire localities.

“When they kidnapped children they transported their victims to Asaba, where a 70-year-old-woman received the victims for onward ferry to other places for sale,” he said.

The septuagenarian, who has since been arrested has reportedly made statements about the clients he sold the children to.

The old woman confessed that she had sold my little niece along with another boy for N500,000 to some people in the East. She sold them through another man in Asaba. The man outsmarted us during arrest, abandoning his taxi colour car,” he said.

The police said efforts are still ongoing to recover Glory and other stolen victims from wherever the gang sold them to.

“I want to thank all those who have been standing by my family through prayers, which have paid off. We are still praying for Glory to be alive in captivity so that she can be found in good health and reunited with her parents and other siblings, who have not stopped crying day and night since she was kidnapped,” Nwaomucha said.

Police said they are working to ensure all members of the gang were rounded up while the identities of missing children would be determined to effect their recovery from where they are sold to.


  1. please they should be fast about it. These kids could be with ritualists now. The earlier the better. This people deserve the full anger of the law.

  2. Wetin 70yrs old woman wan do with money? Bt d issue is what kind of purnishment will dey give her?

  3. The woman is a terrible being and doesn't deserve to live. I pray the children are found alive and in good condition.

  4. poverty makes people do anythin now adays

  5. Can you imagine all this nonsense, selling children like they are selling chicken. May God help us oh

  6. This is horrendous. Why would you sell your fellow humans?

  7. That so called old woman suposed to be sentenced by hanging with wast of time.

  8. We really need to be conscious of our thoughts, if not it result to destruction of one's life

  9. Mama @ 70 still involved in illicit behavior, when she supposed to be asking God for the forgiveness of all her shortcoming & sins from youth age till her present age so that she can end this life well on a good note.

  10. God save us all from the hand of the wicked ones that look old and harmless but the are wolf in sheep clothing.
    I pray they recover many of the kidnapped victim soonest.



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