9 Killed In Ohio University After A Gunman Unleash Terror

I wonder what is influencing this kind of behaviour in the United States of America. Where someone will just go to a school with gun and start shooting students.

A suspect is dead and at least 9 injured about an hour after an active shooter situation was reported at Ohio State University. Just before 10am [local time], the university issued a warning telling students at the school's Columbus campus to shelter in place.

The first reports of gunshots came from Watts Hall, which is home to the school's Materials Science and Engineering program.

Since then though, the focus of law enforcement on the campus has been on a nearby parking garage, where the shooter or shooters were believed to be hiding. More photos...

Police stormed the garage just before 11am and minutes later they confirmed that one suspect was dead. Two men, one black and one white, were also brought out of the building in handcuffs.


  1. Ah US is still a major target in the hand of dis terrorist, God have mercy

  2. What do you expect from a country that legalize weapon..
    May their soul Rest in Peace..


  3. Y not kill himself alone instead of endangering the lives of the students

  4. That's terrible.

  5. Some of dem is under d influence of hard drugs

  6. Hmmmm! This people sef. How them go dey play PS with gun??? This is too badl

  7. Are you sure that person is normal because I see no reason why someone who is in his normal senses will just wake up and feel like killing people.

  8. This is really sad. Access to weapons is bringing more harm than good to America.


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