Actress Lilian Esoro and Ubi Franklin Share Cryptic Messages

Most of the marriages that fail are marriages that should NEVER take place in the first place; signs were there and some there were even warnings. But for certain reasons the couple went ahead.

If you find yourself in such kind of marriage, be private about it. If you're trying to make it work it is wise your keep it from social media, if you will break up eventually also keep it away from media. It was never meant to be, don't stress yourself about it.

Above is what Ubi Franklin shared via his page. Read what his wife posted below:

Separation is a trying time for couples. The key is to seek God, not look for sympathy in the media.


  1. My heart is crying out for them, I feel bad.

  2. the love for money and fame is the couse of all this breakup

  3. Marriage of nowadays na show off part dey sweet the rest na wash

  4. Why waste money on d razzmatazz wedding that dint last a year?wen couples of nowadays are not tolerant

  5. Why quit on such a young marriage? Many of us are becoming too weary to give marriage our best. Every marriage will go through storms and challenges, but that is not a reason to break up. The belief that the grass is greener at the other field is often the reason for our impatience to quit. It's really regrettable!
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