AJU Love Connection Connects 4 Nigerian Professionals In America

Yes, right from Nigeria we are able to connect people especially Nigerians in diaspora. It is the dream of most parents for their children to come back to their roots to select a significant other.

Ambassador Mary-Jane Elumelu-James is making this dream come true for parents.
“I am very excited about the possibilities that will come out of ALC. I am very hopeful that God will perfect this venture. After our last AJU Love Connection event, I received several updates on the love connection that we made and I am so humbled that people can actually find love from attending our show.
"This business has made me more prayerful especially for those men and women that believe that I can change their situation. Globally, it is very difficult to find love and a significant other but this is a bridge that we have to cross and I will be the first to say that the journey to marriage has to be threaded with caution. You must do your best in your selection process and leave the rest to the Almighty God our savior who told us in the good book that it is good for a man to have a help mate."
AJU Love Connection is actually on four major platforms:
1. AJU Love Connection Professional Networking Event:In order to attend this, you must be a professional, be gainfully employed, and be interested in finding relationship that will lead to marriage. You can equally attend this event if you want to simply network with fellow professionals.

2. AJU Love Connection Online Dating: This form of dating is global,and from any where in the world people can connect with each other on www.ajuloveconnection.com.

3. Private Consultation: Our private consultation is very specific in nature. Here, an individual informs us of his or her exact needs with respect to their future partner in terms of height, weight, colors, educational background, race, tribe and more. ALC is highly thorough with the provision and needs of this particular segment. People that are very ready for marriage are actively consulting with us on this platform

4. Marriage Counseling: We have in house professionals who counsel feuding couples and deescalate a situation to save marriages. Also friends and relatives that want to mend fences can come through this platform.

Are you single and searching? What do you have t lose? 

Are you looking for real love? What do you have to lose if you come to AJU Love Connection Professional Networking Event where your Future Partner Awaits You?

We plan for every event so that you would have a pleasant and memorable experience. Yes, coming to our event is just an experience that you will never forget and above all, you will have a chance of meeting several potential partners at this event.

Come join us, at Virgin Rose Resort at 1231 Bishop Oluwole Street, VI, Lagos Nigeria.

Visit our website: www.ajuloveconnection.com
Contact: 08089030651, 08075825772, 08109214920