A reader sent this to OluFamous.Com. The police authorities should kindly look into this matter:

The events depicted was narrated by one of the detainees at the Makurdi Prison. On the 10th day of October during a GNLD empowerment programme holding at Charity and Faith Church SRS junction Opposite 72 Barracks North Bank Makurdi, two (2) police men dressed in mufti who also participated in the seminar ordered all the participants to remain behind and arrested them.

They were taken to C division North Bank where the IPO called Joel Majesty ordered the release of the arrested participants who are indigenes of Benue State and confiscated the phones of the remaining people. He then asked them to pay N20k each for their release and also had s*x with one of the girls for her release. 

Twelve people could not come up with the N20k and their relatives don’t even know where they are. They include 9 girls and 3 boys.

They were kept in the station for four days before being charged to Magistrate Court 6 Makurdi by the IPO Mr. Joel Majesty. They were charged with Criminal conspiracy, cheating and Forgery. The Judge adjourned the matter till November 14th 2016 for hearing. 

They have been detained for the past 3 weeks at the State Prison Makurdi. A Barrister has been retained and has filed an application for their bail. This application is slated to be heard on the 23rd of Nov., 2016 in same Magistrate Court 6. 

 Please find the names of the detained people so their relatives can reach them:
1. Glory Solomon
2. Chioma Oshai
3. Victoria Balogun
4. Nneka Francis
5. Blessing Mandu
6. Precious Codelove
7. Amaka Eze
8. Gladys Ode
9. Theresa Onyeka
10. Christain Agu
11. Caleb Mwarwa
12. James Okwu

These children wouldn't be in this condition if their parents were rich and can afford the N20k the police asked for. Please help them expose these corrupt police officers.

- Police complaint desk, over to you...some of your men are still maltreating innocent Nigerians.