Anti-corruption war: Gov Wike accuses FG of double standard

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has accused the Federal Government of double standard in its fight against corruption. He said the Federal Government had forced some public officers accused of corruption to step aside pending the conclusion of their cases while other public officers similarly accused of corruption were allowed to continue with their jobs.

The governor spoke on Thursday while delivering a keynote address at the 2016 annual conference of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Nigeria branch, in Port Harcourt.

He also warned of an impending anarchy in the country if security agencies were encouraged to abuse the rights of Nigerians under the guise of fighting corruption.

Expressing his support for President Muhammadu Buhari’s fight against graft, the governor said the state of the country was worrisome, especially as it concerned the lack of respect for the rule of law and political interference in Rivers State.

“We think the Federal Government must hold every public officer and everyone of us to the same standards of accountability.

“It smacks of double standard for the Federal Government to force some public officers accused of corruption to step aside pending the conclusion of their cases, while keeping other public officers similarly accused in their public posts simply because they happen to be top members of the ruling party. Such inequities strike at the very essence of our moral values and rubbish the demand for character and personal integrity in public service.

“By resigning from his public position on account of the allegations of bribery against him, Muiz Banire (SAN), a former legal adviser of the All Progressives Congress, has proven to be a man who loves his character more than anything else,” he said.

He added, “Let all those public officers with the smear of corruption step aside honourably and concentrate on clearing their names. We totally support our President’s fight against corruption. However, we are on our way to anarchy if we encourage or allow law enforcement agencies the latitude to abuse the fundamental rights of our citizens under the guise of fighting corruption.”

Wike made the allegations as members of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators expressed the need for Nigerians to embrace alternative means of conflict resolution, describing it as Africa’s traditional ways of settling disputes.


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