APC Leader Tinubu's Loyalists Stage Solidarity Walk Today

A group known as ‘I Stand with Bola Tinubu’, says loyalists of APC national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, will stage a solidarity walk on Saturday (today) for the politician, who is allegedly being sidelined by forces in the party, who were no where when Tinubu was working to form APC.

The group’s Media Team Chairman, Tijani Oluwadamilare, said even though a lot of things had yet to be put in place as the group had not been able to mobilise enough funds for the walk, members and other participants, were ready for the walk because of their faith and love for Tinubu.

“Hundreds of people are ready to participate in the walk on Saturday (today).

We all remain unshaken. Many of those we had hoped would render financial assistance to us are not forthcoming; most of them keep blaming (the) recession for their inability to provide financial assistance as earlier promised. Despite all these, we all look forward to having the walk,” he said.

Tijani said that the group had chosen to organise the loyalty walk to show solidarity and support for Tinubu, and to send a message to everyone concerned that never again would Yoruba people stand and watch any of their respected leaders being ridiculed.

“We all know what happened to past Yoruba leaders such as Chief Obafemi Awolowo, who were subjected to diverse forms of ridicule. We do not want this to happen again, especially not to the person of Tinubu who is a Yoruba leader now,” he said.


  1. So truly tinubu and buhari are falling apart.

  2. No need for any protest, it's time to go. How long are we going to be protesting. To be a Nigerian is not by force.we need a leader to lead us out.

  3. Mtcheew..sycophants and hypocrites.

  4. Issorite, we are watching.

  5. Game of Politics.


  6. Enter your comment...I love this. its long over due. am fully in support as well.

  7. I am not surprised at all these happenings. you can't trust a Fulani with power. they will turn it to feudalism and birthright.
    I don't expect much from this president but to root out corruption living by example . Apart from that he has nothing to offer.


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