Baby Boy Burnt To Death As Mum Was Partying At A Night Club

A baby boy aged 2 years has been burnt to death while another one aged 4 years sustained severe burns all over his body after the house they were sleeping in caught fire. The victims have been identified as Angel Phiri and Cleotus Matomola aged four years.

Police revealed that preliminary investigations indicate that the mother of the children, Nelia Phiri and two other ladies who she lives with, identified as 20yrs olf Violet and 15yrs old Monica, left the children sleeping alone in the house and went out clubbing, leaving a candle on.

Zambian Police Spokesperson, Esther Katongo, confirmed that the unfortunate accident happened early on Sunday 13th November, between 03:30 hours and 04:00 hours.

"The house caught fire whilst the mother of the children was away."

The police spokesperson said, "They (neighbours) managed to put out the fire but unfortunately found that one child was already burnt to death while the other had severe burns."

"The mother Nelia Phiri aged 25, Violet Phiri aged 20, and Monica Phiri aged 15 years all of Lusaka's Kabanana compound have been detained but are yet to be Charged."