Donald Trump Wins, Hillary Clinton Calls & Congratulates Him

It is confirmed! Billionaire businessman Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States of America. He defeated close rival Hillary Clinton in a sensational and tension-soaked election.

...the results as they stand...


  1. Hmmmmmmm now let us wait and see how things will unfold.....

  2. Olu, but you posted the other day that TB Joshua predicted that Hilary would win.
    Can you see how false prophets prophesy? He that hath an eye, let him see.

  3. Americans have decides, congratulations Trump!

  4. Americans made the right choice. By the way. TB joshua how far na? Please come and clear the air because am beginning to think Trump is a transgender since God showed u a woman. Fake prophets deceiving the blind since the days of old. This is to you lots that carry prophets talk on your head. Smh

  5. Those electoral college men are old men who believe women belong to kitchen and other room that is why they didn't endorse Hillary Clinton.



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