Bus Driver, Conductor Abduct Eight Schoolchildren

There was confusion in the Ifo after a bus driver, Akorede Ogunjobi and conductor Kazeem Adelere were attacked by an angry mob for allegedly abducting eight pupils of Oyes Faithful College, Ifo.

The suspects would have been lynched, but for the intervention of policemen from the Ogun State command who took them into custody.
10 pupils of the school had on Tuesday joined the commercial bus marked, AKD-948-XJ Lagos, at the Techno bus stop after leaving the school. 
It was learnt that two unidentified men sat beside the driver, while the conductor manned the bus entrance.

After two of the pupils alighted at their designated bus stop, the driver was alleged to have refused to stop for other pupils.

When the pupils indicated that they wanted to alight at the bus stop, the driver was alleged to have shunned their calls and continued speeding on the expressway.

The conductor was alleged to have stood at the bus entrance to prevent the pupils from escaping.

Sources told Punch that one of the pupils in Senior Secondary School 1, Akorede Aliu, 13, jumped off the bus while on motion.

Some minutes later, another male Junior Secondary School 1 pupil, Ajibose Fawasi, 11, was said to have also leaped out of the bus, leaving behind six female pupils.

A motorist was reported to have blocked the commercial vehicle’s path and forced it to a halt.

A lawyer, Isaac Durowoju, told Punch that he called the police to rescue the suspects from the mob, adding that injured pupils had been taken to the hospital.

He said, “After two of the pupils alighted at Iya Abiodun bus stop, other pupils observed that the driver took to the fast lane and started speeding.

“When they told the driver and the conductor where they would alight, the two men laughed at them. While on motion, two boys jumped out at different intervals, but the driver refused to stop. This was what aroused the curiosity of a motorist, who blocked him three bus stops from where he should have stopped.”

The two unidentified passengers, escaped from the scene while the suspects were being mobbed.

The driver and the conductor denied abducting the pupils at the police station.

A source said when queried on why they refused to pull over after the two pupils jumped out of the vehicle, they reportedly pleaded for mercy.

The state commissioner of police, Mr. Ahmed Ilayasu, had ordered that the case be transferred to the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department, Eleweran, for full investigation.

A mother, Mrs. Risikat Aliu, said “We give God the glory for the safety of the children.”