DSS Raids Bureau De Change In Kano, Arrests 40

Operative of the Department of State Security on Friday afternoon raided Bureau de Change spots in Kano and arrested no fewer than 40 currency dealers.

An eyewitness, Umar Iliya said the operative stormed the Wapa area at about noon, seized selected men and took them away in security van.

The witness told Vanguard that the operation causes stir culminating in a pandemonium before their identity was revealed. It was learnt that simultaneously, another group of currency dealers were arrested at the Aminu Kano Int'l Airport, as well as few others at Central hotel area of the city.

Although DSS official are quiet over the operation, the Auditor General of Association of Currency Dealers in Kano, AbdulHamid Kabeer, confirmed the incident.

He said, “they arrested over 40 of our members in an operation that barely lasted half an hour.”

AbdulHamid added that “we are derply troubled over this unfortunate incident, and as I talk to you an emergency meeting is the offing..."


  1. Our people like chasing shadow, always in the habit of taking care of round worm while ignoring the leprosy, if the market is storm with Forex nothing would they have to worry about the bureau de change operators.

  2. Why the raid since the currency is floating?



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