EFCC Detains Former Skye Bank Chairman Tunde Ayeni Over N1bn Bribe

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), have arrested and detained Tunde Ayeni, a former chairman of Skye Bank, over allegations that he bribed ex-FCT Minister, Bala Mohammed to acquire 54 plots of land in Abuja.

EFCC sources confirmed that Mr Ayeni was indeed arrested yesterday and the big man was still in detention because he was initially uncooperative.

One of the sources told SR that Mr. Ayeni is also being investigated for playing roles in several other deals involving former First Lady Patience Jonathan and ex-head of state, Abubakar Abdulsalam, who co-owns a telecommunications company with the former banking executive.

The sources disclosed that Mr. Ayeni was still undergoing interrogation and may remain in detention as investigators work hard to unearth "many more deals".


  1. These are one of the guys that have cripple skye Bank for several years now..
    Skye Bank have been performing poorly both in the Nigeria Stock exchange and Banking financial services.. Imagine Skye bank have one of the highest NPL (Non Performing Loan),secondly I just cant still fathom the idea how they came about acquiring mainstreet bank because I knew it will definitely choke them..
    I knew that their were many bad management destroying this great bank from the inside..

    What a great news that efcc have wave into the matter for other reasons that will relate to my recent accusation is he is properly investigated..

    Imagine as @ today Skye Bank shares worth 0.52 kobo, that's disastrous..

    Tunde Ayeni start talking now...

    A Lot of shady deals going on in Nigeria Banks..


  2. The more you look, the less you see, point to a big man/woman without traces of corruption in 9ja, the sincere big men/women are just 5% the remaining 95% either acquired their wealth through corruption or ritual.

  3. One of naija's most annoying bank (Skye)

  4. 2017 should be budget by recovered money

  5. Let them not include innocent people as their culprits o

  6. Efcc are tryin

  7. They're a lot of other people like him, he is just one of the scapegoats. Corruption has eaten deep into this country.

  8. eba miki Barrister Tunde Ayeni

  9. I dont get excited when i see such news ...becos all these so called big men the EFCC always arrest never gets the justice and jail term dey deserve...

  10. This is one of those that has really crippled skyebank, please what on earth does he want to use 54plots of land for


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