Fayose Reacts To Donald Trump's Victory: "Obama Got What He Did To Jonathan''

Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State has hailed the victory of the Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump in the US election, describing it as “the beginning of a real change in Nigeria because those who imposed the present APC government on Nigerians just lost out.”

The governor said; “Now that Trump has won, it portends hope for Nigerians that the excesses of the President Muhammadu Buhari led federal government will stop as the road has ended for those who conspired to impose Buhari on Nigerians.”

He said he believes that Trump will be able to tell President Buhari to respect rule of law and sit at home to solve the country's economic problems instead of junketing around the world.

Governor Fayose said; “Trump presidency symbolises different things to different people and nations. It symbolises God at work and a clear departure from the old order.

“It is also a turning point for Nigeria and Nigerians, particularly those controlling the federal government that must have to change their ways as their allies who imposed them on us just lost out.

“Most importantly, President Barack Obama got what he did to Dr Goodluck Jonathan. God bless President-Elect Donald John Trump!”


  1. Political talk!


  2. I think the man Fayose needs help

  3. I think the man Fayose needs help

  4. Must you talk?, just go and drop your share of the arm deal with efcc.

  5. This sure has a mental problem he talks like an illiterate I feel sorry for ekiti people

  6. Really??? This man sha...Kai!

  7. How can this kind of man govern people of a state? This does not make any sense

  8. I don't know why yorubas don't like people that speak up rather they go for ass licking while dying in silence.


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