Fayose To Ondo Voters: Broom Is Sign of Hunger, Run When You See APC's Broom

Gov. Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State is pictured with PDP's candidate, Eyitayo Jegede, addressing a huge crowd of the party's supporters in Akure on Thursday. Fayose told the crowd to run away whenever they see APC's broom, as it is a symbol of hunger.
His words: "Akure, this is your Golden Opportunity. Ondo, Broom is a sign of hunger, run away when you see it". 
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Also, Eyitayo Jegede has appealed to INEC to postpone Saturday’s election for 30 days. He said this would allow PDP submit a list of its agents as provided for in the Electoral Act 2010.

The list of agents submitted before are loyal to Jimoh Ibrahim of the Ali Modu Sheriff faction.


  1. Even if the election is shifted & postpone for 300 days , PDP cannot win the next Governoship election in Ondo state, again tell anybody, that you heard here first. it's obvious the house is divided.

  2. Is it not politics? Everybody must have sometin 2 say abt d opposition party, its well

  3. Lolz....lets see nauuu...sebi na Saturday...

  4. Fayose Nigeria Stubborn Lion that always say the truth without fear or intimidation..

    I pray the election is peaceful..


  5. Olu, are you there?
    Absolutely his excellence. It's a sign of great hunger.

  6. It will be hard for PDP to win this one...thier campaign has been disturbed by in Fighting within themselves ...may the best man win

  7. Fayose, the talkative. Abeg make I hear word joor.

  8. What about his own stomach infrastructure.politicians are all the same


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