FFK rubbishes Billionaire Jimoh Ibrahim... says he sleeps in coffin to make money

When recently Femi Fani-Kayode said he was changing his name to Olu-Kayode, I thought it would make him stop attacking people blatantly and become more sober. But the reverse is the case. Just pray Fani-Kayode doesn't have a reason to come for you, otherwise he would 'finish' you...lol.

Imagine the strong words he used to rubbish businessman Jimoh Ibrahim who belongs to the same party with him, but a different faction. Fani-Kayode wrote:
Tell Jimoh the pig that unlike him I do not have a covenant with the devil, I am not a ritualist and I do not sleep in coffins for money. 
Pls tell Jimoh Ibrahim that his over stretched anus from his sodomy activities needs to be stiched up and his schizophenia must be trreated. 
I was glad to have grounded and banned Jimoh the pigs shitty airline EAS in 2006 when I was Minister of Aviation. His planes were flying coffins. 
Tell Jimoh Ibrahim that I do not owe banks money, I do not buy companies and destroy them, I do not owe my workers salary and I do not brag. 
Pls tell Jimoh that my father was not a bricklayer, my mother was not a fish seller,I do not owe banks and salaries and I never marrird a dog. 
Whether Jimoh the pig likes it or not he will NOT be our candidate on saturday and Eyiyayo Jegede will proudly carry our flag. We shall win!
Pls tell Jimoh Ibrahim that unlike him I am not a fraudster, I am not a political spoiler, I am not an agent of destruction and I am not a spy.
Hmmm...this one is too strong o!