FG Wins Case For Abacha Loot... AGF Malami Heading To US To Recover Nigeria's Money

The Federal Government has won the case to have the country’s money looted by ex-head of state, Sani Abacha repatriated from the United State where the fund has been stashed. This is equally as the Attorney-General, Malami is billed to visit US next week for the fund’s repatriation.

This was disclosed by the President’s Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu.

He stated that while reacting to claims making the rounds that President Buhari had donated $500m to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in the recently held US presidential elections.

According to Shehu, Nigeria has no such money to throw around and even if it does have, President Buhari who has zero tolerance for waste cannot do such unjustifiable act.

“What is the craziest accusation made against President Buhari? That he donated $500m to Hillary’s campaign and that Donald Trump is angry. This has gone viral, sadly Nigerians are believing it!”

“President Buhari’s Nigeria doesn’t have this kind of money to throw around. Even if the money is there, this President is the least likely person to give it as donation, and for what?”

“As we speak, President Buhari is concluding agreements with the U.S. to return our stolen money in their banks. A government account has already been given for the return of one million Dollars from (late ex-Governor) Alamiesiegha.”

“Judgement on the $480m Abacha loot has been won and our Attorney-General, Malami (SAN) will be in the US next week to speak to the Department of Justice, on the next steps for its return.

“The U.S is paying to Nigeria, not the other way round, abi?”


  1. Imagine the two names (looters) mentioned are dead now, one of them have even spent a decade in the grave, please of what benefits is the loots to them again? They will be held accountable before Almighty God for their action & inaction while on the surface of the earth. What about other living eminent personalities were they not involved in looting, because we hardly hear anything about their loots or it's because the maximum ruler is dead is the reason they always trace his loots? Anyway let the present government bring back those loots to develop our nation. I love my country, God bless Nigeria.

  2. That is good if the money would be well utilize.


  3. Waiting for the money to see it physically.



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