Footballer Ogbein Fawole dies of Heart Attack in Lagos 2weeks after he was Deported

Ex-Super Eagles Defender and Shooting Stars Hero, Ogbein Fawole, is dead.

The 80s star footballer who relocated to the United Kingdom in 2001, unfortunately returned home to Nigeria empty handed about two weeks ago.

Fawole who abandoned his wife, kids and siblings in Nigeria has been struggling to settle down in the United Kingdom since then but nothing worked for him.

The former defender for the Shooting Stars Sports Club of Ibadan died of heart attack caused by the disappointment of his deportation to Nigeria at his friend’s house in Lagos last week.

A source said when Ogbein Fawole was sent back to Nigeria empty handed, he was heartbroken and he had to secretly stay with a friend in Lagos, avoiding his family in Ibadan.
When he developed complication, he was forced to give his relatives phone number to his friend and when he eventually died last week Monday, his friend called his family to break the news to them.

His situation came as a huge surprise to his family in Ibadan before the news of his death. How sad!


  1. He should have used the money he spent to travel to set up a small business at least to start something. RIP

  2. What a pity! May his soul RIP

  3. When you have a problem, people will assume that they have a solution to it and laugh at you until it happens to them. How can you say that he should have set up a small business instead of leaving Nigeria for UK in 2001? I knew some people who could not survive on businesses due to inflation and lack of electricity to run a business. In the UK, his kids would have free primary and secondary education. God dey! R.I.P


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